both Blogger and Port5 seem

both Blogger and Port5 seem to be having problems at the moment, so updates here may be a bit sporadic, but here goes anyway…..

weekend update:
Friday – witnessed Kev, DA and Ian all getting their heads shaved in W2, in aid of “chariddy mate” which was a source of much hilarity. I think they raised a lot of money – estimated at between £800 and £1000 for Children in Need. good stuff.
after drinking in W2, we headed over to Ian’s for more drinking, and didn’t crawl into bed until 3am.
Saturday – went to HPS Sussex AGM during the day and ate lots of food. Thankfully, my parting from the committee wasn’t as embarrassing as feared, and they made a token gesture of conferring lifetime honorary membership of the group, which is nice (although I still have to pay my national subs!).
In the evening we had a small party for Dad’s birthday – just the family and neighbours. Food and fireworks prevailed, plus wine of course. AW and I were exhausted by the end of it all.
Sunday – after a long sleep in at the parent’s, we went for lunch with AW’s mate Sue and her daughter Emily (who is AW’s goddaughter) at a kiddie-friendly establishment in Bognor. Emily wasn’t too keen on me – as soon as I picked her up, she was in tears. But can you blame her?
The afternoon was spent doing work – AW did work for school, and I did work for college. Seems an awful lot still to do considering that exams are only two weeks away (eek!).
So, all-in-all, another top weekend.