it seems there is whole

it seems there is whole blog thing going on of describing a typical Christmas day – well, we haven’t really had a typical Christmas for some time, due to varying degrees of living-at-home-ness and flitting-around-after-primadonnaesque-girlfriends, but I predict this year’s will go like this:
– wake up with hangover
– open stocking presents provided by mum (a walnut, choc coins, a satsuma, something silly)
– have breakfast
– call Andrea at her parents. coo pathetically down the phone
– when feeling sufficiently sober, drive to my parents – meet brother and his girlfriend there
– flop about whilst mum cooks dinner (help refused in spite of repeated offers)
– make a fuss of the cat
– warm feet by fire
– open presents – wrapping paper explosion (Dad will fold his neatly, and then get stalled on the first present (a book) and hold up the whole present opening process (we only open one at a time))
– eat VAST meal
– load dishwasher
– flop dozily in sofas by fire, reading new books received
– welcome Andrea when she arrives from her parents
– help Andrea open her presents
– eat more food (leftovers, sweet chocolatey things)
– further flopping, reading and drinking
– crawl to bed around twelve, utterly relaxed.

doesn’t sound so bad, does it?