well, the Christmas shopping is

well, the Christmas shopping is very nearly done. I need to go get some more brown paper and string for wrapping things (in a true “These are a Few of My Favourite Things” kinda way) and another small gift for Dad, something for Fi and some chocs for Mum – then I’m done. Then I have to go and attack Waitrose, as I have no food in the house for today or tomorrow, and I’m planning on getting some tapas for Christmas Day evening.
The whole Christmas shopping thing is (a) expensive, (b) time-consuming, (c) hard work and (d) much more complicated than it needs to be. Next year, everyone is going to get gift vouchers for Waterstone’s, and that’s all. It doesn’t help when you haven’t a clue what to buy people – my brother, for example, provides no indication of what he would like, and so his girlfriend and I are left having 20 minute long conversations along the lines of:
me: any ideas what Tim wants?
Jane: none at all. you?
me: nope.
Jane: ah, we’re stuffed then.
Andrea, on the other hand, has turned out to be surprisingly easy to buy for. I have officially gone mad in the purchasing department for that girl. I just hope she likes it all. Report on Boxing Day (or as soon as I can).