ok, the whole Atomz search

ok, the whole Atomz search thing is getting out of hand.
now, whatever is wrong with e-mail as a means of communication?
but, in answer to some of the questions posed:
– I use Blogger rather than Greymatter because I was a cheapskate and didn’t bother with cgi when buying hosting from Easyspace, but I’m seriously considering upgrading and changing.
– thinning hair would possibly be alleviated by wearing a twat….I’ll consider it further.
– I am *trying* to deal with it, but it isn’t easy, ok?
– if they were amusing, I may consider publishing them every week. but they would have to improve considerably.
– irony, infamy, paranoia – probably a combination of all three.
– I don’t really care if you identify yourself or not, but I think it is probably pretty pathetic if you don’t. I have a shrewd suspicion anyway.

right, like I said. joke over, back to the e-mail please.