just over a month ago,

just over a month ago, the “about the cast” section on the “about Graybo” page had extended details on the four most important people in my life. I’ve already lost the two most important. Today I think I’ve lost another, and this time it’s my own fault.
Last night I went to the bar to be quizzed by a friend about Saturday night’s events – he meant well, but I really didn’t want to talk about it. I then went home to bed and had a restless night punctuated by a long and vivid dream involving a certain someone. This morning, my post consisted of one lousy piece of crap from the district council. Then I get to work to find that I’ve totally offended one of my most important friends and the last word of communication from that person was “Bye”.
How the hell can things possibly get worse? No, don’t answer that. I have a pretty shrewd idea.