global branding is a trend

global branding is a trend that has been growing in recent years, from the ubiquitous golden arches through to the renaming on Marathon as Snickers to suit the American market. In the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that Jif (the household cleaning products) has been rebranded as Cif. Now I can understand that Jif might be a problem, particularly in hispanic countries (“Hif”), but isn’t Cif going to have similar problems. I’m sure that in some languages the “c” will be hard,and in others it will be soft. The Portuguese would pronounce it differently again (but there is not accounting for them).
So what should they have called it?
“DIF – not the same as other brands!”
“WIF – smells good!”
“NIF – with new lemon fragrance!”
“BIF – hits germs where it hurts!”