considerably less spiky today, no

considerably less spiky today, no doubt helped by the sunny weather.
actually been positively saintly today, getting up just after 7am (I think the residue of spikiness I felt when I woke up was a spur to get some stuff done) to clear the remaining clutter from the bathroom (i.e. the last of the shampoos and the shower curtain and rail) and begin painting. By 9am, the ceiling and walls had been given a coating of damp proofer where it was needed (most of it), and I was changed into clean clothes and heading for the station.
Of course, I forgot to take my Network Card, so had to pay full fare to get to Brighton (guh – but it’s only a saving of about £3). Arrived there before the shops opened, so had an espresso and bagel in Starbucks. Also had a chat with Sarah on the phone (have realised that I refer to my friend Sarah as “Sarah”, and also Sarah-who-I-went-on-a-date-with – note that in future, Sarah-the-date will be referred to as Sarah W for clarity) whilst on the train to Brighton.
Anyway, post-coffee, I shuffled round Borders (not inspired), Habitat (£104 – mirror, towel rail, bathroom light, nightlights), Primark (very uninspired, but cheap) and Gap (nice stuff, pretty good value, but nothing that really grabbed me) before shuffling back to the station, just in time for a train to get me back to Chichester by 1pm. Then, after treating myself to a cab home, I went back out to look for two 9W SES tungsten energy saving bulbs (no hope), a bottle of white spirit (though prob too late to save this morning’s brush – I used my crappiest one deliberately), a CD-ROM drive (Dixons out of stock, everywhere else shut – guh), some flowers (both of my favourite florists closed – bah), a new book (Amaryllis Day and Night by Russell Hoban) and lunch (chicken in herb bread thingy, root veg crisps and choc wafer from Costa).
Just eaten lunch, about to have a coffee, then daub more paint. Not sure whether to get on with the ceiling or the wall – will probably do the wall, as I reckon it will take two coats to cover the ghastly peach-with-sage-green-sponge-pattern that I’m trying to get rid of.
Plans for the rest of the day? Laundry, dinner (ham and eggs) and then off to the bar for a beer and chat with Paul F tonight. And I’ll have AIM turned on all afternoon, so if you feel like saying hello, feel free to do so – but if I take a while to get back to you, that’ll be because I’m up the ladder with a brush!