right – first coat of

right – first coat of ivory now shoved on the walls of the bathroom – it is definitely going to need two coats, as the sage green shows through in places. As the coat applied today will not be thoroughly dry before about midnight, that is all I can do today. Tomorrow evening I plan to do the ceiling and coving, although I think I need to borrow my dad’s leadlamp, as the lighting in my bathroom is best described as poor (hence purchase of new light fitting today). Then on Tuesday night I’ll do the second coat of ivory on the walls, and Thursday night the woodwork and radiator with white (unless something comes up in the meantime – I’ve got the day off on Good Friday and was hoping that a good plan for Thursday night and/or Friday would be made). I can always put off doing the woodwork and rad until a later date, although I’d like to get it done fairly soon. The other problem I have is that I can’t use the bath or shower until the decorating is done, so will have to make use of the facilities at mum and dad’s, or maybe give Sarah a call.
next on the agenda – defrost the freezer and sort out the laundry. then do the washing up and cook dinner. then head to the pub. no rest!