Right, time to pack my

Right, time to pack my bags, load up the camel train, and head off to London for the Party in the Park. The original plan to meet up with my cousin Gemma for lunch beforehand has been abandoned because Gem is actually down here this weekend to see her mum – another planning masterstroke! oh well – we’ve promised each other that we will meet up soon and compare notes on our love lives (which is always good for a laugh or two!).
Beer last night with Paul F. Brenda and Greg made a fleeting visit. Simone and Bek were out too. Strange sort of night – W2 was very quiet. I came home early, suffering from horrid toothache (a wisdom tooth, I hope), a blinding headache and chronic tiredness. I feel a lot better for a good night’s sleep (the toothache has eased a little too) and also for getting a couple of text messages (they work wonders).