Well, the Party in the

Well, the Party in the Park was excellent. Nobody so far has been brave enough to attempt to list everyone who was there, but it was certainly the biggest turnout at any blogging event I have attended so far. But, the following were in evidence (deep breath and lots of link hunting): Elaine, Meg, Jen, Bella, Rachel, Katy, Meghan, Heather, Robyn, Bexta, Mo, Paul, Paul, Paul, Tom, Tom, Nick, Nick, Drew, Rodney, Davo, Cal, Luke, Ian, Dan, Ken, Mark, Chris, Mike, Martin … there definitely were others – if I have missed you out, please accept my apologies and mail me.
Lots of photos were taken by various people. Links here as soon as they are posted.
UPDATE: pics now available at Nick’s site. In this picture, it looks like I’m about to give Meg a girly backhand slap across the face. I’d like to point out to readers that I did not, in fact, slap Meg. Nor did I beat up any small children. Talk about misrepresentation!
FURTHER UPDATE: more pictures at Meg’s site – utter class – I love this picture. Elaine has also posted some great pictures here.