Beer tonight (Friday) with a

Beer tonight (Friday) with a huge number of people, including several good sports who had their heads shaved for Children in Need. It seems about £800 to £1000 was raised, which is excellent.
But special mentions to Paul F, Arron, Ian, Dave, Paul (from the band) and his lovely girlfriend, Julie, Greg, Brenda, Phil (top work on raising money), Tam, Matt, Sacha, Tanya, Clive, Kearn, Paul C, DA, Dave and loads of other people.
A text message sent this evening remains unanswered. This is probably a good thing, although…… although. …….urf. damn.

Now it is 1am. At least the Westway isn’t trying to reach out to clutch me back.

ooooopps. too oblique.

maybe sleep will help. Difficult days lie ahead for me, but I’ll battle through, just as I have before.

Dad celebrates the completion of 71 years of life today (Saturday). This still holds true.