Not feeling particularly chirpy, but

Not feeling particularly chirpy, but must make an effort, both for the benefit of Dad and also because I’ve to go to the AGM of an organisation I helped to form several years ago.
When I’m in the sort of mood I’m in at the moment, probably the last thing I need is a horoscope like this:

Taurus: Do whatever is necessary to guard yourself against that proverbial ‘one false move’. Take a step back if you need to, Taurus — you can see the whole picture much better from a distance. When the Moon is in its current Sign, it’s important for you to hold your tongue. Your observations have yet to line up with the facts. If you aren’t interested in getting to the bottom of things, perhaps you should leave them alone altogether.

I am interested in getting to the bottom of things, because by doing so I’ll help myself to understand what is going on, and hopefully help the other person concerned too. But my horoscope is probably right, and I should tread carefully. Much is at stake.
In other news: Sarah gets back from Dubai today. Hopefully I can get the day off work tomorrow, and maybe go for lunch with her and catch up on everything.