Oh god, not The Bloggies

Oh god, not The Bloggies again already?! I’ve never been nominated for any category in this, although it is hard to see what I’d be eligible for, other than Best European and African Weblog (why do Americans insist on this "EMEA" thing? That’s Europe, Middle East and Africa to you. They lump all three areas together – like Norway and Namibia are such similar nations, with similar peoples, culture and climate. guh. Idiots.) or Weblog of the Year (hahhahaha!) – perhaps if they had a category of Grayblog of the Year, I’d stand a chance, but even then it would be by no means a certainty. I did get nominated for the Antibloggies in their first year, but didn’t even manage to win that – they even spelt the name of the site incorrectly.
I can’t be arsed to vote or nominate. I’m going to bed.
By the way, expect it to be quiet here for the next three days – I’ve got important and enjoyable nothing to do in elegant surroundings and with the most wonderful company, and that will require my full concentration. Wapblogger-powered updates possible only if I can be bothered and have something incredibly important to say.