I’m totally underwhelmed by the

I’m totally underwhelmed by the current "big" movies. I enjoyed the first Matrix, but Matrix Reloaded seems to be getting consistently poor reviews, mostly criticising the dialogue as been particularly cardboard-ish in character (i.e unexciting in character and of little real substance). And then there is X-Men 2, which belongs to a genre that doesn’t grab me in the first place, and according to Dan

…supports the Blake’s Seven model by which all good futurologists should steer, it stating that at some point between now and the distant future an apocalyptic struggle wipes out almost the entire human population, leaving only the plummy English and a couple of comedy cockneys.

Actually, based on that summary, it may actually be worth seeing, just for over-dramatic comedy value.
What I need to do is get my pimply backside down to the New Park and see some decent cinema. Must check out what’s on.