Today is a rest day

Today is a rest day on the trade show here, when the delegates can either go on an organised tour, or can do their own thing. Since none of the crowd I’m with fancied the tour, we’re thinking of exploring the Old Town of Sacramento and maybe heading out of the city to one of the local wineries. I suspect we will talk shop a lot, so even though we may not be around the "booths" in the trade show or "schmoozing", we won’t be switched off entirely. This evening, there is a barbeque in the park opposite the hotel and convention centre for the delegates and participants, so we will be going to that in order to network some more and also to make the most of the free food.
Speaking of free food, the guys I’m with insist on paying for everything. Whilst that is very nice, it is becoming embarrassing. I know that they feel that my new business needs a hand and a little help, but they won’t even let me pay for dinner to let me show my appreciation for the help they have given me.