More meetings, more food, more

More meetings, more food, more sessions talking shop in the bar. Anyone who thinks I’m having an easy leisurely time over here is mistaken.
At least today is the last day of the symposium in which I will be taking part. I depart here tomorrow afternoon (so don’t have to get out of bed too early), although I hear that the flight is overbooked – I had a nerve-wracking situation on the outward journey when I thought I might get bumped, and I don’t want that again. Then it’ll be travelling through the night back to the UK.
Today’s objectives are to meet with two important growers, one of whom is a European (I’m sure there is an easier way we could do this!), and to take in two seminars that I hope will be useful. Otherwise, it is a case of full-on "schmoozing" and also helping out a little with my hosts’ booth as I am familiar with a number of the plants that they are promoting.