Still more meetings yesterday, the

Still more meetings yesterday, the biggest steak ever, and yet more alcohol. But very very useful indeed. I’ve extended my network of US-based contacts and met up with a couple of Europeans too. Hopefully I’ve got some sources of new plants, and some licensee contacts as well, although local licencees would most likely be handled by my friends over here.
Now is time for breakfast, a quick stroll down the block to Esoteric Records, a store that looks interesting from the putside, then I must pack my bags and wend my way to the airport, ready for hours upon hours of travel back home.
It’s been a great trip, very fruitful, utterly exhausting, but full of interesting people and useful information. Parts of it have even been fun, but don’t tell anyone – it’s supposed to be work! Maybe that’s because I now have work that I really enjoy.