J.Lo’s bum: it woz The Sun wot cracked it!

Yay, yay and thrice yay! Absolute Power returns for a new series, with or without censorship, and is big enough to take mightily satisfying swipes at both HMG and the Beeb. And it’s bloody funny too.
Listen to tonight’s episode here whilst you can.
Interestingly, at the beginning of the recording, you can hear the last few seconds of the 6 o’clock News, with Andrew Marr making the following statement about the Government and the persistent problems with the 45 minute thing:

There are, they hope, only two kinds of voters: those who made up their minds about Tony Blair and the Iraq war long ago; and the vast, the innumerable army of the bored witless.

Let’s hope that there aren’t as many that are witless as they think.