Big billed catty puss

Today – two cats to Nearbyville for a prod, poke, two jabs each and a pill each – the feline equivalent of a 10,000 mile service. Outcome? £77, please and thank you. Ouch.

Bored already?

Hels has now officially finished work. She has a little bit of holiday to use up, then her company’s Christmas holiday and then her official maternity leave begins – but, in effect, her maternity leave begins now.
Of course, once the baby arrives, there’ll be no shortage of things to do. But, in the meantime, she’s now engaged in some sort of phoney war preceding the onslaught of the nappy hordes. I give her three days before she is bored rigid.

UPDATE: three days? More like three hours!


Note to Microsoft – the correct spelling of Seamus is Seamus, not Shamus. Please update your spellcheckers.
That is all.

Akismet problems

Hmm. I’m having problems with the Akismet anti-spam plugin for WordPress. It won’t let me review comments and I know from just before it went belly-up that it was screening out Brian’s comments as spam (clearly not the case). I’ve emailed the plugin author to alert him, but no news yet.
Anyone else had the problem of not being able to review messages? I’m using Akismet 1.12 on WP1.5. When I go to the review/moderate page, I get this error message where the list of messages should be displayed:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_post() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 253

Rommel Markt

Rommel Markt. Photo hosted at Flickr

Rommel Markt
Originally uploaded by graybo.

The perfect place to get your lovely fresh Rommels. Three for a fiver!

Spotted by junction 43 of the A59 near Vlijmen, Netherlands. 8 December 2005.