Google and IE7 favicons

IE7 is much better at displaying favicons in the address bar than previous versions. (I’ve been using IE7 for a little while and can generally recommend it – it seems robust and the tabbed browsing is every bit as good as Firefox. Plus the increased emphasis on plug-ins means that IE7 will, at the very least, keep pace with Firefox – I expect a speelchucker plug-in sometime soon in one of the MS regular update thingies, but in the meantime I’ve downloaded IESpell).

I’ve noticed that most major websites now have a favicon (Yahoo!, BBC, grayblog, etc.), but not Google. For a company where branding and identity are so important, I find this puzzling.

EDIT: well, that’s made me look stupid, hasn’t it? Earlier, IE7 wasn’t displaying a Google favicon. I’ve rebooted since then and now it does. Shall we just say that Google clearly only thought to add one this afternoon after reading this post?

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