…in bullet points:

  • grumpy
  • parents
  • Homebase
  • Sarah and Paul
  • Waitrose
  • painting
  • still grumpy
  • washing walls
  • grumpy
  • Bill and Rosemary
  • Homebase
  • grumpy
  • painting
  • Lu and Kev
  • grumpy

I am, officially, utterly utterly utterly fed up with bloody decorating. I’m also pissed off with never having enough money, energy or time to do the things I really want to do.

  • grumpy

The Old Vic

We’re going to see the vicar this evening to discuss our forthcoming nuptials. Should be interesting.

The value of shopping around

Last night I got a quote for carpet. £680, or so. Today I got some new advice and a second quote. £328. Hmm.
Last night I put the first coat of paint on the bathroom walls. This morning I painted the radiator in that room.
Later this morning, I had a half hour meeting with an Israeli nurseryman.

Life is still on that edge.

…your lawful and wedded….

Today, we went to see the bank about a mortgage. Then we went out to a store and purchased a rug and a pot plant, and looked at a selection of beds. After that, we went to some other stores and purchased very similar tops and bemoaned that they didn’t have my size of socks in stock.
This evening, I shall be wearing my carpet slippers and smoking my pipe.

Bish bosh

Redecorating at home has made a striking amount of progress this morning, thanks to help from Hels – the first coat on the hall and living room is now pretty much complete, and I should be able to make some headway on the second coat this week. Dad has also been here, helping to get some improvements to the bathroom done.
The target for market-readiness (repainting complete, new carpet where appropriate, planning application for windows submitted, front door improved) is March 15th. It’s an ambitious and tight schedule, but I reckon it can be achieved. Just.

The devil is in…

Crumbs! This getting married malarkey is hard work! And incredibly expensive. We’ve just been and booked the venue (deposit = one month’s net pay) and checked out the church (yes, I know – me, a confirmed atheist, getting married in church). We’ve costed out the food and wine for the guests (yikes!), allocated some cash for flowers (double yikes!) and music (yikes again!) and figured out how many favours we can call in (photographers, wedding car owners, floral artists, musicians – we’re coming for you!) in order to keep costs down to a figure that won’t leave us mired in debt for the whole of our married life.

I’m having palpitations.
But I’m also determined that we should enjoy it, so now that some of the fundamentals are falling into place (and Hels is wonderful at organising all this – it’s all in very safe and capable hands), I’m hoping we can relax a little over Christmas and New Year and soak it all up a little. And I know it is going to be a fun and fabulous day, as it should be.