today I had the first

today I had the first of my marketing exams – the second is on Friday. I can’t say it was a joyous experience, particularly as the first question was only worth 10% of the marks but took getting on for 25% of the time. However, I’m fairly confident that I have done enough to pass at least, although I won’t be holding my breath for an A grade – I needed another 45 minutes writing time to get anywhere close to that. And today’s paper is perceived (by me at least) as the easier of the two. So now I have to spend the rest of this week preparing for Friday – not only the exam itself, but also the post-exam piss-up.
This week is also punctuated with birthdays – I’ve mentioned Tim’s. There is also Kev’s 30th (Wednesday) and Andrea’s (__th) on Friday. So much drunkenness shall prevail to distract me from the matter at hand. I just hope the case study is on the drinks industry.