Weekend report: Friday. Aaaaah yeeesss.

Weekend report:
Friday. Aaaaah yeeesss. Friday. Hmmm. I’m not sure that Andrea would appreciate me telling the world what she got up to on Friday night – I think she is hoping that everyone else was so drunk that they won’t remember. Therefore I won’t tell you, but suffice to say that most people who saw what happened are unlikely to forget.
The occasion for this debauchery was the beginning of Kev’s week-long birthday beer extravaganza – starting with a west-to-east pubcrawl across Chichester city centre. I picked up the crawl at pub three (Andrea had been there from the start), and I was fairly well wasted by the end of things (w2 – pub seven). Kev was snogging various people, and SJP managed to pull a fella who she was still with many hours later (and very nice he seems too). DA peaked too soon and had to be ported home by the eternally patient DAGS. Many other people were also drunk and there were a goodly number of people that I didn’t know. The crawl inevitably ended up back at Kev’s (there was a film crew in W2 – no don’t ask me why) – I cried off somewhat short temperedly around 1.40, followed by Andrea at god-knows-what-hour (escorted by Sacha and Ian – thanks guys).
A whole week of this AND exams? By Sunday I’m going to be a wreck.
Saturday and Sunday were a revision-fest, punctuated by a takeaway and a trip round to Tim’s for birthday champers and chocs.