how many readers of this

how many readers of this blog work in a workplace that has a resident cat? or dog? or any other sort of animals for that matter? ooooo – I feel the first Grayblog poll coming on! but because I was stingy and didn’t purchase the CGI option from my host, you’ll just have to mail in your votes using these links:
>my office has a cat
>my office has a dog
>my office has fish
>my office has another type of animal (specify what it is in the body of your mail)
>my office has no animals other than the employees/boss
get your replies in by 0900GMT Monday, and I’ll collate the results and post them here. comments in the body of your mails are welcome. incidentally, my office has a cat, Seamus (when you get there, click on “our cats” from the menu bar to see a pic of Seamus).