very brief update: 1. gifts

very brief update:
1. gifts received for Christmas:
– money
– lovely bath robe (from AW)
– MVC vouchers
– books
– CDs
– clothing
– the inevitable chocolate
– wine
– the love of a good woman
– and much much more. Christmas was great.
2. weather report:
– SNOW! blimey. and it looks like our trip to Derbyshire on Saturday will be thrill-packed too.
3. shopping report:
– checked out the Oracle shopping centre in Reading yesterday and purchased warm clothing for the impending Derbyshire trip. not bad, although a bit of a trek from here.
– shopped in Chichester today and purchased more warm clothing in view of white stuff on the ground.
4. other news:
– nothing that major. David was over from America with his new girly Andi (short for Susan – don’t ask). good to see him again.
– getting ready for Derbyshire trip. stockpiling beer and wine in readiness for many nights in.
5. blog status:
– updates likely to be infrequent if not non-existent until 7th January. but watch this space – will try my best.
6. new year status:
– have a good un.