God, I am really depressed

God, I am really depressed this evening. I thought I’d been doing really well for the last couple of days – none of the sitting on the edge of the sofa sobbing uncontrollably. Well, I haven’t quite got back to that level of despair, but I’m not far off. Maybe it’s because I’ve just done a bit more tidying up in the flat, packing away and throwing away a few more memories. Whatever the reason, I am feeling very low right now, in spite of the two bits of good news I have today (one which I can’t talk about yet and may not be a piece of good news anyway, and the other being that my washing machine is ok after all – which is actually bad news in a way too because I have imposed my laundry on my mum and wasted thirty-odd quid on a part I didn’t need).
I really am VERY depressed. I miss Andrea like … oh, I don’t know, but I miss her. I’d do anything to hold her tonight.