has anyone got any suggestions

has anyone got any suggestions for shifting this really miserable mood I’m in? Things keep popping up to remind me – last night I was tidying and found Andrea’s Christmas present wish-list (most of which she got), scribbled on the back of an envelope. This morning I went to my pile of socks as I was getting dressed and pulled out Andrea’s knitted black gloves – she’ll have missed those last week. And there is still a very large pile of photos from our holidays together that I just can’t find the strength to deal with – so they sit in the middle of my living room floor.
And even though I know that going out with someone new now would be a bad idea, I can’t think of any way that I’m going to get to meet new people. The bar is off-limits (although I’ve been there twice now – but only in the knowledge that Kev wasn’t there), and I don’t want to go anywhere else and sit on my own. Not that I really want to go out with anyone new – what I really want is to get back together with Andrea, but that is as likely as my flying to the moon by flapping my arms.
I’m also aware that people will not put up with me feeling sorry for myself for ever – they’ve been really good so far.
OK – I’m going to go and do some work – “keep busy” they say – yeh, right.