All quiet here. I guess

All quiet here. I guess the usual comment authors have abandoned their PCs for fur trimmed red outfits and stockings (now there’s a horrifying mental picture!).

Today, all I want for

Today, all I want for Christmas is to finish all the work I have to do today. I’ve got some complicated form filling to do and an incredibly important document to finish and deliver to the bank, both of which must be done today as I will not be in work tomorrow. Doesn’t help that I was an hour late getting here. oops.

Yesterday, all I wanted for

Yesterday, all I wanted for Christmas was a hot meal in a café or bar at any time after 2.30. Unbelievably, in a town that was full of Christmas shoppers, none of the bars or cafés were prepared to bend from their normal routine to supply warm food to tired and hungry shoppers – and there seemed to be plenty of them. Why? Surely there was a demand there that could easily and profitably been filled.

ick. damp out. Beer tonight

ick. damp out.
Beer tonight with Bren, Greg, Paul R, Wendy, Kearn and newly-engaged Matt (congratulations! you kept that one quiet!) with sightings of Kristian, Dave and Nikki. A good night.

Today has mostly been spent

Today has mostly been spent buying, wrapping and giving presents to people I love. This has to be the ultimate way to spend a day.
Chichester was great today – very busy, but not uncomfortable. The array of buskers and performers in the streets was dazzling, particularly the four blokes who played xylophones and glockenspiels all day at the Cross. Everyone seemed chirpy and cheerful, even the Big Issue vendor in East Street, who was still smiling in the drizzle amid the cacophany of buskers, children and shoppers.
During the day I’ve bumped into friends and acquaintances, old and new, ranging from a mad Cambodian about to head home for three weeks to a gay shaman who plans to demolish North Mundham and open up a reiki centre for gay bikers.
Actually, I’ve generally noticed that a lot of people are smiling at me lately – either they are reflecting the big smile that is glued on my visage at the moment, or I’m really funny to look at.

Haven’t had a Colombia link

Haven’t had a Colombia link for a few days, so here is one for you. The politics of the country seem incredibly complicated and fraught with conflict. I don’t pretend to fully understand it, but there is much interesting reading to be found at the Center for International Policy’s Colombia Project, which includes information on the peace initiatives, an overview of US involvement and useful background on the people and events of the unrest.

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is for O2 to answer the phone.
oh – now they have. Hurrah – new phone ordered, which is a good thing, as my old handset appears to be dying (regular callers please note – if I don’t answer you, I’m not being rude, just incommunicado).
Elsewhere today (can’t say where for obvious reasons) an amazingly good shopping experience where I was called by my name and concluded the transaction with a handshake – how rare!