Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

  • up to my neck in work
  • just reduced flat to £142,500 – bargain!
  • Hels off to Vienna for a conference for a few days
  • incredible quantities of spam pollute my inbox
  • beer tonight
  • lovely weather
  • more soon, I promise


Brighton away to Swindon tomorrow in the first leg of the Division 2 promotion play-off semi-finals. Anything could happen, but most pundits seem to think that Brighton are the outsiders in this competition. I certainly wouldn’t rate our chances if we had to face Bristol City in a play-off final.

Just a taster…

I’ve just downloaded all the Lisbon pictures onto the laptop. I need to sort them out and maybe even create a special page for you, but in the meantime, here is one selected at random:

Hels overlooking Belém

A view over Belém from the top of the Pedrão dos Descobrimentos. From left to right: the Centro Cultural de Belém; Hels (obviously!) enjoying the sun and the view along the Rio Tejo; the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and, in the foreground, the Praça do Império.

Glorious food

Apologies for the on-going lack of content here. I’m up to my eyes in work, particularly preparing for tomorrow’s plant fair at Pashley (you are coming, aren’t you?), so blogging has taken a back seat for the moment.
Levity was provided last night in the form of dinner and birthday cake in the company of Charlie and Peeeet, with their friends Simon and Mikaela – and my beautiful fiancée, of course. A splendid evening, and something that we do far too infrequently.

Expecting liberties

I organise plant fairs as part of my work.
There is one this Sunday at Pashley Manor Gardens in East Sussex. The weather forecast is good, the publicity is definitely working and I’m feeling very positive about it. Come along if you like – it’s only a fiver to get in, including the fabulous gardens.
I sent the application forms to potential participant organisations in late February. They had until 31st March to return them. Plenty of time, you would think.
Why then do some businesses expect to be admitted if they phone up on the Friday before? And, for that matter, try to make me feel bad by saying that they’ve been coming for years (which is true – but then they’ve also expected to come at the last minute before too).
This plant fair is very heavily subscribed with participants – more than would be good if the weather was bad. I’ve already turned away three potential participants because the event is over-subscribed.

I just find it so annoying.

Comments annoyance

Having spent too long this evening deleting spam comments from this site, I’ve noticed that the spammers tend to prefer just a handful of posts to leave their messages at. Consequently, I’ve decided to shut down comments at just those few posts.
So, if you find a post in the archives where comments are prohibited, you’ll know why.

Hi Honey!

… we’re home! Full report (with pictures!) will follow. For now, sleep is needed.
And thanks to everyone that sent birthday greetings.

Bugger this…

For reasons that I won’t go in to (mostly my own stupidity), whilst I should be on the first phase of my holiday now (relaxing in the bath at Hels’s home), I’m stuck in Chichester until tomorrow morning.
Thankfully, this hiccup is not disastrous due to some fortuitous flight timing, so, to use a well phrase:

Bugger this, I’m off to Lisbon.

See you Friday (maybe Thursday night if you’re lucky)

Back end problem

I’ve been working on completing the archives on this site, and have made further revelations about the MT problem. It seems that MT is not rebuilding the monthly archives. If I edit an individual post in a particular month, then it rebuilds that month’s archive, but if I select "Rebuild monthly archives" in the rebuild menu, it doesn’t work properly.
I’m not sure that this will ever be fixed – I’m hoping that the upgrade to MT3.0 (whenever that may be) might fix all this.