Initial reaction: Woo! Yay! Blondie, Paul Young and Hot Chocolate to play the Chichester Real Ale and Jazz Festival!
Considered reaction: Bumhats! I’m in the Netherlands that week. It also clashes with Charlie’s wedding, which is a vastly more important event.

5000 ways to be verbose

1219 days.
5000 entries.
One hell of a lot of words.
Lots of inanity. Occasionally boring. Sometimes controversial. Very rarely amusing. Often personal.

It’ll be interesting to see if this site makes it to 10000 entries.
Actually, that’s probably a lie – I doubt that it will be interesting at all.


I don’t think I’ll show this post to my future wife. I don’t think that she has yet expressed any particular preference for men’s underwear (when worn by me, I hasten to add – she doesn’t wear men’s pants herself). I like my boxers from Next and I’m sticking to them (not literally, you understand).

Modem woes

For those who have been following the exciting saga of my faulty broadband connection at work, I now have received a replacement Intel AnyPoint modem and installed it – and I still have the same problem. I’m convinced that there is a driver conflict somewhere, but nothing is reported in control panel, nothing is reported on any online help resource, and I have given up on the BT Broadband helpdesk as a bad job, as it clearly falls outside of their experience and they can’t think outside of the little menu-driven questions and answers that appear on their PC screens in front of them.
So I’m just going to carry my dear old Alcatel SpeedTouch "Stringray" back and forth between home and work – it may not be cool, but it works.
<begging>Anyone got a spare Stingray that they would give to a good home?</begging>

Death at Chatsworth

Devonshire, RIP. Not sure about his patronage of UKIP and his support for the entirely questionable "Right to Roam", but you have to admire the way he held together an ancient estate and made it a successful and profitable business in the face of terrifying inheritance taxes (a tax that I think is thoroughly indefensible – as if the relatives of the recently deceased need to have massive tax worries to consider).


Firewall up. Download update.
Up. Down. Up. Simple really.

Of course, if Microsoft could sort out their software in the first instance…

Processed meat product

33 spam comments in 20 hours. If this continues, I’ll be forced to disable the comments function across the entire site until MT comes up with comments registration.

A less exclusive club

Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia – welcome to the EU.

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